The Dangers of Industrial Pressure Washers

Industrial Pressure Washer

Industrial Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are an important appliance and machinery used in a home setting and industrial setting. By simple explanation a washer machine is also known as a water blaster. It is an appliance that runs on electric power, gasoline or kerosine to transform ordinary tape water into high pressure water that is released sometimes through a restrictive turbo nozzle. A home pressure washer can turn up ordinary hose water pressure by as much as 100 percent or more. An industrial pressure washer can turn ordinary hose water pressure by as much as 4000 psi pressure washer.

Industrial water blasters are used for various purposes and in different industries. The construction industry employs pressure washers to scrap off paint from buildings for example when doing a repainting job. They are also used in the mining industry, agriculture and even trucking to strip off mud from vehicles, the oil industry and even the steel industry. Pressure washers are classified in power and use according to psi which stands for pressure per square inch. This is an industry stand used to determine the water pressure released by any given water blaster.

It is generally the case that washers that have a psi value of 3500 psi pressure washer and above and running on gas or kerosine are ideal for industrial sites. These usually come mounted on a wheeled frame for easy transportation around the industrial site. This figure goes up all the way to as much as 40000psi. At this level of pressure water blasters are commonly known as water jets and become extremely dangerous. These are the levels used in the steel industry to cut steel using high water pressure.

It is a wonder that ordinary water at such as high pressure as 4000 psi pressure washer can turn onto a deadly sword that can server anything in its way. This level of pressure is high enough to totally decapitate a human being. In fact there have been numerous industrial disasters in the United States that have led to lives being lost even due to misuse and mistakes in using industrial pressure washers. Due to the fact that this equipment is dangerous industrial workers using these kinds of water blasters are required to be trained and fully equipped to operate the high water pressure machines.

High pressure industrial washers require total control when in operation. Due to high duty pressure washer there is a real possibility of any operator holding the pressure wand to total lose control and the high pressure water jet to point in any direction. If this pressure jet is pointed at a human being it can easily drill a hole and cause fatal injuries. The jet is so strong it can completely destroy property and anything fragile and of value in its way.

It is also for this reason that individuals looking to buy an electric pressure washer for home use should stick with what has been manufactured for home use. Industrial washers when used in a home setting can easily put everyone at great risk of personal injury especially were there are young kids. Valuable and expensive property may also be damaged due to misuse of something designed for industrial sites.

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