Hand-Masker Plastic Drop Cloth Saves Time for Painting

Hand Masker Plastic Drop ClothLet me start my review by telling you that I hate to paint and I hate to do any home chores that are even remotely connected to painting. My husband and I had one job on our to-do list over the July 4th weekend, and that was to remove the stain from our back deck and front porch. To do this, we did not spare any expense, we even purchased a electric pressure washer for the chore (which is a must for this job!).

Our back deck is made of pressure treated wood, and is large, running the entire length of our home. We needed to remove an old redwood colored stain, but wanted to protect the cedar siding on our home. One of the cheapest, but handiest supplies we bought was a roll of Hand-Masker Plastic Drop Cloth. We found this at our local Fred Meyer store, in the paint supplies section of their store.

The Hand-Masker Plastic Drop Cloth comes in a small roll, but it actually covers a lot of area. The plastic is folded up inside the roll, measuring 72 inches in length and 25 yards long. At the very top of the thin plastic is a strip of pre-taped Scotch General Purpose Masking Tape. The tape is on the thin side, about an inch wide, but this worked perfectly for us.

We pulled the strip out, connecting the tape securely to our home, then we gently pulled the almost clear plastic down to meet the deck. Here we needed more masking tape, because we didn’t want the plastic billowing out when we scrubbed the deck or when we used the best electric pressure washer on the wood. When we were finished, we had a full 72 inches of coverage, giving us a full 6 feet in height, plenty of coverage to protect our cedar sided home.

I have one complaint about the Hand-Masker Plastic Drop Cloth, and that is the fact that the plastic is very thin, (only .35 mil or 9 micron). Since the masking tape along the top of the roll is so narrow, we had to take a lot of care not to allow the tape touch any of the plastic. We made this mistake a few times, and the tape is so sticky that it actually would not come off of the plastic without leaving a hole in the plastic. Obviously that is something that we needed to avoid. Occasionally we had to make a hole in order to get the tape off of the plastic, but we then taped the hole over with another roll of thicker masking tape. I also found that the plastic tended to stick to the cedar siding of our home, and it looked like it was full of static electricity.

When our job was finished, the Hand-Masker Plastic Drop Cloth helped us protect our home while we stripped our extra large deck of the old finish. It made our job go much easier and faster, and I would buy this product again for any kind of painting job.

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