How Does a Power Washer Pump Work?


How Does a Power Washer Pump Work

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When you have a garden to maintain or a driveway to keep clean, you ought to take all measures to keep the surroundings clean. It is quite obvious that things might get messy, stained and of course dirty but you have plenty different tools and equipment to cater to such requirements. A lot of people use a garden hose, grease, soap among the many different things to clean the surroundings. One of the most useful equipment is a pressure washer.

Why Choose a Pressure Washer?

One of the prime reasons to rely on a pressure washer is because they are designed in a way that it aggressively removes the dirt in the quickest time possible. It uses jet-pressurizing system to blast the dirt away. You can work on the pressure system, using either low pressure or high pressure based on the kind of dirt it has. Usually pressure washer comes with either PSI or GPM rating, and you can consider the best for your requirements based on these ratings.

How Does A Pressure Washer Pump Work?

The working methodology is no rocket science, they rely on simple principles where you would not struggle with the operative system. Before getting onto knowing how the entire system of power washer pump works, it is wise to know few basics about the design, type and other specifications.

  • Models

The general distinction in such pump washers is between gas and electric models. For all those who are comfortable relying on electric supply, they can opt for electric pressure washers that are light duty based washers. The good thing about these units is that it is quiet, easy to move around with and of course quite compact. This does not mean that they are less powerful than the other is; you get multiple models that offer different range of power.

Speaking of gas models, as the name suggests, they are gas fueled and operating them is very simple. Usually for those who need high pressure, they can rely on gas fueled pump washers as they are designed to give away high pressure. Advantage of using this kind is that you do not have to bother about extension cords, stringing wires, which may cause a sense of inconvenience.

  • Rating System

As stated earlier, you need to look out for two general terms before buying a power washer pump, and i.e. PSI and GPM. There is nothing complex about the terminology, it is all about the numbers, the higher they are, and the faster you can clean. PSI stands for pounds per square inch and this gives the desired power to penetrate right though the dirt and remove the grime. Second is the GPM, which is gallons per minute. Usually the water flow that comes out of the spray gun is measured in GPM and it helps in washing the dirt away.

A Quick Summary on the Working Principle

There are different parts put together in a power washer pump that helps in easy and quick operation. To begin with, you need the detergent to flow through the hose in order to start the cleaning process. So, the initial stage is all about detergent flowing from one bottle or container.

Second is the cold-water flow that comes from another hose and it is filtered on the way.

The process is carried out by an engine either running on electric supply or gas. While the equipment starts operating, the water pump immediately draws in the detergent along with water and mixes them both together. Some washers only use cold water while a few also heat the water at around 50 to 70 degrees C.

There is an exit hose that allows the high-pressure water to come out at a relatively decent force and this pressure can be managed and adjusted according to the requirement.


Power washer pumps present a very simplified version of cleaning and in reality; nothing could be any easier than using a washer pump over the other complicated cleaning devices. It has well placed parts and each of them is easy to use and understand. As long as you opt for the right kind of pressure washer and from a good brand, you have nothing to worry about.

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