How to Buy a Commercial Pressure Washer

If you are looking at high-end cleaning tasks, you need high-end equipment as well in order to achieve outstanding results. To begin with, you need a machine that can perform all the cleaning tasks for you while you are only supervising the cleaning operation. Especially at a commercial level, you cannot expect to achieve spotless cleaning without going through rigorous labor. In order to avoid the exertion on the body, you can simply opt for a best commercial pressure washer.

Such machines do exactly what they say, they use immense pressure to wash off the dirt and mess in different areas of the building. In commercial setups, the mess is bound to be more and the area it covers is also more, thus you need such a washer that can clean away all the mess. If you are planning to buy a commercial pressure washer, but do not know where to start, read the following lines and it will get easier to make the final call.

How to Buy a Commercial Pressure Washer

  • Look For a Quality Product

It is advised to opt for a good quality product, be it in terms of a pressure washer, any other product you invest in. no matter the investment is of a smaller amount, or big, you ought to settle for a quality-based product. When you do so, you can sure of having a hassle free experience with the machine and the minor glitches that occur, it is common and can be taken care of under the existing warranty. Therefore, pay attention to quality and have nothing to worry about.

  • Hot Units or Cold Units

For all those who are unaware of such distinction, commercial pressure washers are categorized under hot and cold units. If you are looking, at cleaning areas that has a lot of dirt and grim, cold units do justice with their velocity. But, on the other hand, if the areas that need cleaning are more greasy and oily, you definitely need hot units. So, knowing what kind of set up needs cleaning, decide accordingly.

  • PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

When you buy pressure washers, you will see that the specifications often mention something called PSI and the sellers use this term to distinguish between the different kinds of washers. PSI also stands for pounds per square inch and the reading on it determines the pressure the machine can offer. Given that pressure washers serve both domestic and commercial purposes, there is bound to be a difference in the PSI of such machines. For a commercial washer, you need for look for PSI 3000 and upwards whereas for domestic use, it stops at 2600.

  • Warranty Product

No matter what product you buy, having a warranty on it is utmost important. It is recommended to all consumers to buy warranty-based products and the same rule applies to commercial pressure washers. The fact that you are spending a good amount of money over commercial pressure washers, you would not like if there is any problem in its operating system and for no mistake of yours, paying for its repairs is senseless. Whether it is a manufacturing glitch or a mistake from your end, warranty many a times comes across as a savior.


Pressure washers of any kind will serve its purpose when you choose it wisely and settle for a quality-based product. Commercial pressure washers are slightly expensive than the other kinds, because they are used in a different set up and for high-end cleaning tasks. Therefore, choose wisely, above-mentioned pointers can be a guide to help you lay your hands on one of the best commercial pressure washer, one that suits your needs.

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