How to Rebuild a Power Washer Pump?


How to Rebuild a Power Washer Pump

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Is it common to come across blown up washer pumps? The answer is neither a yes nor a no, but may be because it is not uncommon to hear about a few cases but surely uncommon for all the washer pumps to end up on a blown up note. However, the thing about power washer pumps is that in case if it does blow up, it should not surprise you because sometimes there could be reasons leading to such situations.

Dealing with the Concerns

Every single problem associated with power washer pumps is bound to present the user with some relatable solution. In most cases, the solution seems to work but in some rare cases, even that might not help. This is where you need to identify whether it is wise to repair, rebuild it or go in for a replacement.

Repairing and Rebuilding

With minor glitches comes a very suitable solution in the form of repairing and rebuilding. You cannot simply let go off the idea of fixing the broken power washer pump because you are most likely to have it up and running without any major work. While there are multiple easy ways to repair a broken washer pump, the first thing you need to do is identify what the real problem is. For someone who is faced with such a situation for the first time, you can get a quick overview in the following paragraphs.

Gather Related Information

You will be in a better position to rebuild the pressure washer when you gather all possible information related to it. To get the much-needed clarity, you should do enough research, so that you do not miss any major area of concern. If you are wondering how to research on such a problem, well, the World Wide Web is the world’s largest information gathering means. It has information on just about any product or service; hence, knowing all about problems associated with washer pumps and ways to rebuild is not at all a cumbersome task.

Rebuild Kits

One of the good things about power washer pumps is that they are all easy to cater to provided you have the right piece of information and the right set of tools and parts. Many a times, opting for rebuilding kits is one of the best ways to rebuild a broken pressure washer pump. These kits are easily available on the market and as long as you know, what you are investing in and what kind of product quality it offers, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

There are a few things to look into, besides opting for a good brand and quality-based parts, make sure you are certain of the measurements and specifications too. Typically, a good brand name is all you need but besides that, you have to check for the fit as well because improper fittings can also be a cause of poor performance and ultimately leads to broken power washer pumps.

Follow the Procedure

Whether it is valve replacement, broken seal or simple cleaning, you have to follow the prescribed protocol. Even with basic cleaning for better maintenance, when you dismantle the pressure washer system, you do it in a systematic manner and place the parts back in the same manner. Anything that is done against the prescribed method can mess up the entire setting of the pressure washer, leading to further problem, which may come onto the surface much later.

Inspect the Power Washer Pump

You need to ensure that you look out for a reliable rebuilding kit and with it; you should inspect the fitting before going on to use it. The pressure washer pumps are all about using the right set of parts and with proper fitting. In this case too, if you do not inspect, the end result could work in or against you and this could be risky. Rather, give it a pre-run before relying heavily on it.


Power washer pumps are all about convenience and feasibility but when they break down, no matter for what reason, you need to rebuild it. Thanks to the kit and basic, easy to manage options, you can manage the entire process on your own. As long as everything falls right into place, you have nothing to worry about.

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