How to Start a Pressure Washing Business with a $23k Budget

There are two things that might have led you to check out this article entirely: business and the notion of only putting out $23k. A breakdown is in order in just a few. One would think that with a desire to become an entrepreneur, one has to be brave and cool under pressure; that aggression can take you places, but charm can help you work your way out of a knot or up a ladder. But honestly, when dealing with cards in the market, all you need to do is take a risk.

One sector that has reaped the benefits of risk taking is the cleaning industry. A leading forefront in this sector is the pressure washing industry. Studies state that nowadays, homeowners do not stay too long in their homes but still take ultimate pride in where they live. This includes the way the home is presented; may it be inside or outside. The workforce has also currently taken it upon themselves to work for most hours of the day, leaving a slim to none sliver of time left to manage the house in all aspects. What do you do when you lack the time and energy to do a chore? Call someone who is actually paid to do it. And in this skyrocketing industry, wouldn’t you want to dip your toe in for a taste?

A homeowner cleaning the deck using a pressure washer and reaping immediate results

A homeowner cleaning the deck using a pressure washer and reaping immediate results

Essentials in Starting Your Pressure Washing Business

  1. Want and Need

First thing’s first and I cannot help but put it out there– do you want to start a business on pressure washing? The impetus that pushes one to start a business is, of course, the passion that comes along with the product you are selling. Do you like cleaning as much as the next website, or do you like cleaning so much that you are willing to do it for somebody else? Once you have gotten that straightened out, then you will be ready to go full speed.

  1. Pressure Washing Knowledge

For those out there who do not know what a pressure washer is (or is just here to check price listings): A pressure washer is a contraption that spurts out water at high pressures, enough to get to those hard-to-reach places and scraping out debris or dirt without the added physical expenditure. Pressure washers are either gas-powered or electrical.

In a gas-powered washer, pressure is raised up to 3000 pounds per square inch and is used best for removing aging paint, cleaning sidings for paint, and for deep cleaning concrete. An electrical washer connotes lesser pressure around 1400 pounds per square inch, which is used best for cleaning cars, grills, and garage floors. All there is to do is to fill the washer with oil or gasoline (for gas-powered washers) or to plug it into an outlet (for electrical washers). Connect the garden hose to the washer’s water inlet, attach the spray tip onto the nozzle, then you’re good!

  1. The Breakdown

Here is where the costs start coming in. Buckle up!

Now the rates that come with starting your business varies of course in the state that you currently reside in or where you choose to initiate the business. Make sure to do a feasibility study when checking the probability of starting an industry here and whether or not you can make sufficient revenue given the competition you may have. (Please note that the following rates are priced at the minimum)

  • Pressure Washing Gear

Given that you would only just be starting a couple of pressure washers range up to $1,500. Most pressure washers cost at around $400 give and take and having about three to start with does not seem too ambitious or underachieving. Maybe a dealership with your local hardware store can allow the client to ‘rent’ the machine and your company to do the cleaning, cutting costs; then again, that depends on the arrangement you want to settle.

  • Transport Cost

Now let us just say that maybe you do not have a truck that can accommodate a pressure washer and now we have to look at buying for transportation. Seeing as we are on a budget, maybe going for used vans is good enough. Roughly $20k can do the trick (add a little hustle, we never know).

  • Advertising

Stickers, flyers, online ads, trials, you name it! Market your product as far as you can and as long as you can. An approximate $500 can help cover all merchandise or ads.

  • Business Formalities

To earn money, you have to Check out invest some money. Depending on the state, files are needed to legitimize your business, and this includes state fees, insurance, and a business license. A $500 minimum budget can do.

  • To Fall Back On

For any unforeseen necessities, setting aside $500 can help you sort the mess out.

Starting Your Pressure Washing Business

  1. Get Started (Legally)

Like all businesses, big or small, a license to sell is needed.

  • Business License – registering your business to the state
  • Sales Tax Registration – registering the business for tax purposes
  • Contractor Permit – a certification that allows you to do your job in that area
  • Environmental Permit – water is scarce nowadays, make sure you are not robbing other people’s share of it.
  • Insurance
  • Liability Insurance – to cover any damage to property while performing the job
  • Worker’s Compensation – to cover injuries while on the job
  • Equipment Insurance – to cover damage or robbery of item
  1. Purchase and Practice

When all the documents are signed and sealed, buy the needed gear to start the business. Practice pressure washing or improve your work or that of your labor force. Make sure it is ready for professional work.

  1. Advertise

Make use of all your resources and make your name known. The best way is of course by word of mouth, but those come along after some time and after some loyal clients refer you to their friends. Once people have bitten your bait, expand and improve, expand and improve!

A high-powered pressure washer can be used to clean road, metal roof, and garage floor

A high-powered pressure washer can be used to clean road, metal roof, and garage floor

Now that you have all you need to know about starting your pressure washer business, it is time to get those gears running and start selling! Don’t forget to subscribe to get an update of the next article!


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