Tips for Cleaning Windows and Window Screens

Cleaning Windows and Window ScreensI am participating in the Holiday Grand Plan from Organized Home this year. This is a week-by-week cleaning plan to help you get your home ready for the holidays. This week participants are to clean their front porches. While I am cleaning the porch I want to give my windows a good deep cleaning, windows, sills, screens, the whole nine yards. There are so many ways to do a good deep cleaning on the windows, which ones are the most recommended?

Window Screens

One highly recommended way to clean your window screens is to use furniture polish on them. Not only does it loosen up the dirt and dust on the screens but it also leaves them looking nice and shiny. All you have to do is spray the rag with the furniture polish, and then wipe down the screens.

Another easy way to clean your window screens is to put them in the bathtub with dish soap to soak. After the window screens have soaked turn on the shower to rinse them. Let air-dry.

If your window screens are exceptionally dirty and dusty you can use a vacuum or shop vacuum to vacuum the screens themselves. After vacuuming the screens, use a pressure washer to clean the screens. Be sure that the best electric pressure washer is set to its lowest setting or it will tear the screens.


For streak free windows one of the best ways to clean your windows is to use newspapers to clean your windows instead of paper towels or rags. What chemicals you use to clean your windows varies.

You can use store bought window cleaners or you can make your own. A mixture of vinegar and water is a great homemade glass cleaner. A mixture of 1/10 ammonia and 9/10 water also creates a great homemade glass cleaner.

Professional window cleaners often use a squeegee to clean the windows, which also leaves a streak free shine. For the window edges you can use a lamb’s wool cloth or chamois cloth.

I am usually not one for gizmo’s but must admit that the Windex All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool does a great job on the outside of the windows. It comes with an expandable pole that allows you to reach higher windows, and the pad comes pre-loaded with the cleaner, which leaves a streak free shine. The box states that one pad works on twenty windows, and I have found that to be about right when using it at home.

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