Tips for Cleaning and Restoring a Wooden Deck

Deck cleaning and restoration is a sure fire way to keep your wooden deck in tip top shape. Not only during the cold winter months, but during all the seasons your deck can take quite a beating. From the snow, to the rain and harsh sun, the wood may often become damaged. However, there are a few simple to do tips that will not only help clean and restore a wooden deck, but can help prevent and minimize the damage done.

Assess the damage done to the wooden deck. This not only includes checking for mold, mildew, etc., but the structure. Are there any planks that need replaced or rails that are loose? These items can be potentially dangerous if not in good condition. Replace and/or repair these items before doing anything.

Before attempting to restore your wooden deck, it needs to be properly cleaned. While there are many ways to clean a deck, one of the most popular is using a best electric pressure washer. No matter what you choose, make sure that the wood is thoroughly cleaned before doing anything else.

First and foremost, if you decide to use the pressure washer, take it easy. While many homeowners use this tool, if used incorrectly it can do more harm than good. One of the most common mistakes made is having the pressure too high, this will literally destroy the wood. Test an area before beginning, if the area looks rough, grainy, or has pieces of wood missing, you are definitely using too much pressure.

Another tip for deck restoration that involves the best pressure washer is to use a fluid side to side motion that does not go against the wood grain. The homeowner should take their time to ensure that this is done properly and that no areas are missed. Corners may require a back and forth motion, but you must be careful in doing this.

Those that have chosen an alternate method for cleaning and restoring a wooden deck should also be cautious. Especially when using products such as deck cleaners. These products should always be fully rinsed, if not more damage can occur and you may find that it creates a problem when sealing, painting, or staining.

More important than rinsing when attempting to clean and restore a wooden deck is to not allow the cleaner to dry during the process. If the cleaner dries, it can actually soak in the wood and cause problems on down the road.

Seal it and/or stain it occasionally. Some may falsely believe that deck restoration and cleaning does not involve repeating this particular process. Even if the deck has been sealed or stained before, you may want to add a new coat. Both are great for restoration because it can help to strengthen and protect the wood.

Choose the right color, the first time. When staining a wooden deck that has previously been stained, pick the exact color, or something as close as you can get. Failure to do this can result in disaster.

If your wooden deck needs to be stripped, this should be done prior to washing and applying anything to the wood. Removing as much of the material as possible is key to achieving optimal results and will save you both time and money.

Lastly, consider hiring a professional. If you really aren’t sure how to go about cleaning and restoring your wooden deck or it needs significant maintenance, hire a professional.

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