Tips for Simple Maintenance and Stored Power Pressure Washer

Maintenance and Stored Power Pressure Washer

Maintenance and Stored Power Pressure Washer

Many people went out last year and bought their own pressure power washing machines. Why not? They come in handy. You can wash many outside things with it. For example, you can use one to wash your house, your patio, your lawn furniture and even your lawn mowers. They are also relatively inexpensive. Their price ranges are usually anywhere from $200 to $500.

Hopefully, these people realized the importance of how they stored their pressure power washer away for the winter. In many ways, a pressure power washer is like a lawn mower and there should have been steps to taken to protect its motor for the winter.

It may be too late to undo what you should have done last season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do the steps now that spring and summer are approaching to make sure your pressure power washer is in good running shape before you start it this season.

First, like a lawn mower be sure to change the spark plug. My husband has a power washer and he usually changes the spark plug at least twice during a season. It corrodes quickly. Plus, it is a cheap way to make sure the pressure worker is running smoothly.

You should also change the oil. Fresh oil will keep the washer running smoothly, as well.

The gas should, of course, already been drained before winter hit. If you forgot to do this, drain it now, before you start the washer. Moisture could have gotten into the gas over the winter months and this will ruin your motor.

What else should you do?

Check your tires. Do they seem to have enough air?

Check your water inlet screen? If it is just slightly dirty, it can be rinsed with clear water. If it is extremely dirty or its rubber washer is damaged, you should just completely replace the screen.

Check your inline screen? Again, if it is dirty rinse with clear water. If the O ring or the screen itself is damaged replace them.

Examine your pressure hoses. If you see any cuts or slits in them, replace.

Examine the detergent injection tube and filter. If either of them is dirty, clean with fresh water. If either has any cuts or are extremely clogged replace. Make sure when you put them back on the washer that they fit tightly.

Test your spray wand and the nozzle. Make sure water can run out of it freely. If it isn’t spraying correctly, examine the O rings. They could be clogged and may need replacing.

Remember these tips when running your electric pressure washer this year, to keep it running smoothly.

  1. Never allow bleach to run through your washer. It will ruin your motor. Use only cleaners approved for pressure washers.
  2. Take breaks. Your motor can burn up quickly. If you are tackling a big job, take a break every 20 minutes or so.
  3. Never run the pump of your pressure washer, if you are not connected to a water source. It will burn up your motor.

Now all that is left is to get your detergent, hook up your washer to some water. Then get to work.

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