Tips to Clean and Seal Your Deck

A long winter can strip your deck of the protection that was once coating the deck. You may need to recoat your deck with a protective coating to keep the deck looking good. Before you recoat your deck with a protective coating you should wash off the dirt and dust that have accumulated over the winter months. It is not attractive to recoat your deck when you haven’t taken the time to clean off the dirt.

How to clean and seal your deck

How to clean and seal your deck

To clean off your deck sweep off the leaves, twigs and other debris that has collected on your deck. Then you will need to wash the dirt off of the deck.

You can wash the dirt off with a scrub brush and some mild soap. You can use a broom or you can get down on your hands and knees to scrub the deck. Get the cracks and crevices of the deck as you wash the deck. Rinse off the soap well after you have washed your deck.

You can also use a best electric pressure washer to wash your deck. Use a gentle setting when you wash the deck with a power washer and use a cleaner that is safe for the plants and the lawn around the deck. After you have washed the deck with a power washer you should give the deck a rinse with clear water.

Let the deck air dry after you have washed and rinsed the deck. Once the deck is dry you can apply a sealer to protect your deck. You can use a tinted sealer to protect wood decking against UV rays.

Watch the weather and find out if there is any rain in the forecast. Don’t seal your deck if there is any rain in the forecast. The longer it will stay dry after you apply the deck sealer the better for a good seal. Seal your deck on a nice day when the weather is dry and the temperature is above fifty degrees.

Clean, Stain or Seal a Deck

Nicely cleaned deck of a villa on Koh Samui

Find a sealer that is right for your type of decking. There are many kinds of sealers and many different types of decking. Apply a thin even coat of the sealer on the deck. Follow the instructions on the sealer.

Sealing a deck is hard work but it is worth it since it will make the deck look nice and it will protect your deck from the elements. It is a good habit to wash and seal your deck every spring.

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