Tips on Tool Rental Pressure Washer

The easiest way to save money at the rental store is to plan ahead. The biggest mistake people make is to rent the tool or piece of equipment before they need it. The mere fact that you are doing the project yourself suggests you are on a budget. From something as simple as cleaning your carpets to something as complicated as tiling your bathroom. Your local rental store can make your project easier and more enjoyable. If you follow a few simple guidelines you can easily save yourself hundreds of dollars and in some instances you may even make money. That’s right make money from your local rental store. I’ll get to that later.

Tool Rental Pressure WasherFirst tip #1 Make sure you are renting the right tool for the job. Here is the scenario. Husband is working with a very large piece of anchor chain for a nautical garden display. He tells the wife he needs a saw to cut the chain into desired lengths. She then calls the rental store and ask’s for a chain saw. Do you see where this is going? A chain saw is the wrong tool. In this case she actually rented the chain saw took it home and husband tried to use it for his job. Not only did they pay the rental fee but they also paid to replace the chain which was destroyed. Make sure you know what tool you really need. If you don’t know don’t be afraid to ask your rental store employee. Everyone will be happier if you get the right tool for the job the first time.

This leads me to tip #2. Always purchase the damage waiver. The few additional dollars you spend will be a great investment should something go wrong during you project. We will use most wonderful husband again. (He’s no Bob Villa but he’s a hard worker.) So most wonderful husband decides he needs to mow the berry bushes and tall grass in that area around the house that has been an eyesore for years. He rents one of those Big Daddy mowers and proceeds to mow away. All is going well until he hits a big rock hidden in the tall grass. The mower blade stops spinning. No one fault just an accident. After taking the mower back he finds out he sheared a part in the mower drive but since he purchased the damage waiver there is no additional charge. They give him another mower and he accomplishes his task.

Here I am leading myself into Tip # 3. Make sure you know how to operate the tool you rent. Every tool or piece of equipment has its own set of tips and tricks. Your rental store employee will be glad to show them to you before you leave the store. Back to most wonderful husband. He decides to pressure wash the house and sidewalks. So wife runs down to the rental store and gets the 2500 psi pressure washer. She knows her husband can operate the best electric pressure washer so she doesn’t really pay much attention during the checkout. Husband manages to get the project done but at the end he makes a poor decision. He decides to “rinse” his tennis shoes of with the 2500 psi pressure washer. So very carefully standing on one leg he points the wand at his shoe and pulls the trigger. Fortunately he doesn’t hurt himself but he does manage to shred his shoe. He was a very lucky man. 2500 psi of water pressure could have just as easily cut his toes off. Make sure you know how to use the tool you have in your hand!

Tip # 4 Timing is everything. Most rental stores will give deals on your rental fee if you take the tool off peak hours. For example you can typical pick up a tool after 3:00 in the afternoon and return it the next day before 9 am and only be charged a 4 hour rental. Or pick it up after 3pm on a Sat and return it on Monday before 9 am and only be charged a day’s rental.

This brings me to tip # 5. How to make money off your local rental store. Let’s say you lawn needs to be aerated. It takes about the same amount of time to aerate you lawn as is does to mow it. My lawn takes about an hour. If you rent the aerator after 3 on Sat for a Monday return the charge will be approximately $70.00 plus or minus a few dollars depending on what part of the country you live in. If you get 10 or 12 of your neighbors together and charge each of them say $10.00 to use the aerator you now have more than enough money to pay for the rental with some left over for a cold drink.

Plan ahead, be safe and your tool rental experience can be an enjoyable one.

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