Top 5 Home Exterior Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are the homeowners’ new do-it-yourself tool. It’s the most convenient outside tool around. The first thing you need to know about pressure washers is they come in two types; electric and gas powered. Because of the higher PSI (pressure per square inch) gas powered pressure washers produce they require a little more caution than the electric ones. Gas powered pressure washers should be used for cleaning decks, siding, and other large areas as well as whisking away gum, sap, and tough stains.

Electric powered pressure washer on the other hand should be used for small decks and patios, furniture, automobiles, and other lighter-duty jobs that emphasize cleaning over stain removal. There are so many pressure washers to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you? I have taken the time to compile a list of the top 5 name brand pressure washers including two pressure washers from each name brand. The top five name brand are: Karcher, Troy-Bilt, Campbell Hausfeld, Craftsman, and Briggs & Stratton.


Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews

Karcher Pressure Washer

Being the world’s largest manufacturer of pressure washers worldwide; Karcher Pressure Washer offers both electric and gas powered washers. The top electric pressure washer offered by Karcher is the 1500 PSI, 1.3 GPM. It’s virtually weightless at 17.6 lbs. having a retractable handle with sturdy wheels making mobility easy. It’s available for $99.99. The leading gas powered pressure washer offered by Karcher is the 3000 PSI 2.5 GPM. It weighs in at 65 lbs. making it manageable. This unit is available for $549.95.


Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer

Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer

Troy-Bilt only manufactures gas powered power washers. The smallest offered is the 2200 max PSI, 2.2 GPM. It only weighs 51.9 lbs. making it very portable on its 8 inch wheels. It’s available for $244.60 The largest pressure washer offered by Troy-Bilt is the 3000 max PSI, 2.7 max GPM. It only weighs 82 lbs. with 10 inch wheels making it just a portable as the smaller unit. It’s available for $389.00.

Campbell Hausfeld

Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washer

Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washer

Campbell Hausfeld is also a very well known manufacturer of pressure washer distributed all over the world and can be found in Wal-Mart. Campbell Hausfeld present both the gas and electric powered pressure washers. The top most gas powered pressure washer is the 2000 PSI washer. Its compact vertical cart has 8 inch wheels and only weighs 53 lbs. making it easily transported. This unit is available for $258. The pinnacle Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washer model is the 1550 PSI with 1.5 GPM. Weighing a mere 26 lbs. its compact design makes it easy to move and store. This unit has impeccable features like a built-in soap tank for low pressure applications for only $130.


Craftsman Pressure Washer

Craftsman Pressure Washer

Craftsman is making some pretty good pressure washers these days. They also offer both gas and electric pressure washers. First up we have the 1800 PSI, 1.6 GPM electric pressure washer. It weighs 49 lbs and has 7 inch wheels for support. This particular model is designed for light duty. Two nice features are the turbo nozzle that whirls a powerful pin-point jet of water for up to 40% faster cleaning and the one tank cleaning system. This unit is available for $219.99

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton are renowned for their consumer, prosumer and professional pressure washers. Briggs & Stratton only offer gas powered pressure washers. The number one on the list (just happens to be on sale) is the 2050 PSI, 1.9 GPM. Features include compact and versatile only weighing 59 lbs., twisting adjusts the spray. This unit is available for $219.99. Last but not least is the Briggs & Stratton 3000 PSI with 2.8 GPM gas pressure washer for an incredible bargain of $499.99. Weighing just at 80 lbs. with puncture resistant tires it provides mobility over any terrain. Features include plenty of power for taking on big household jobs, maintenance-free, durable and reliable.

And there you have it the Top 10 Pressure Washers on the market. They have plenty of stiff competition, which gives you plenty to choose from.

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