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Have you been looking for a new pressure washer or a replacement of your old favorite? We have compiled the Top 10 sites where you can grab the best pressure washers this 2019. Check them out below.

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1. Lowe's


Topping our list is Lowe’s. Lowe’s offers a wide variety of pressure washers, but the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S Pressure Washer overpowers the rest of the line. Designed at 3100 psi and 2.5GPM, this Honda powered machine promises to provide a solution to your cleaning needs.

Worry no more because with Simpson’s, you are sure to achieve the spotless home you’ve always wanted. Thanks to its kink and abrasion resistant hose, all heavy-duty applications and long term use are assured. A selection of five perfectly fit nozzles between 0° to 40° depending on your cleaning need is also available. Prime construction using heavy-gauge frame components, welded steel, and 10” pneumatic tires guarantees your protection.

2. Home Depot

Home Depot

Best known to provide the best deals for home improvement supplies, Home Depot falls second on our list with its best-selling pressure washer, the Generac 6922 Gas Powered Pressure Washer. This user-friendly pressure washer is designed to give you comfort while removing those stubborn dirt, molds, and grime. With its cushion grip handle and easy-to-pull trigger, you will surely enjoy cleaning your home.

The Generac 6922 also features an integrated ½-inch gallon detergent tank and four quick-change nozzle tips to finish your everyday cleaning in a snap. Moreover, maintenance will never be an issue as this pressure washer is constructed with 10” wheels guaranteed never to be flat.

A man cleaning the driveway with a pressure washer

A man cleaning the driveway with a pressure washer

3. Wal-Mart


Wal-Mart’s vow to bring you the best shopping experience makes it our third choice. Chart-topping Wal-Mart’s selection is the Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer with a full 2-year warranty.

The Sun Joe SPX3001 is all about cleaning power with its 2020 psi at 1.76gpm capacity. Built with a Total Stop System, this powerful mechanism is CSA Approved and is designed to shut off the motor automatically. Thus, you can guarantee that it provides significant energy savings and ensures prolonged machine life. The 20ft hose will provide you mobility while cleaning and an onboard reel are available to fix your storage issues.

4. ACE Hardware

ACE Hardware

Your favorite DIY store also offers a great selection of impressive pressure washers. Ace Hardware is fourth on the list with their very popular Briggs & Stratton 20507 Elite Series Pressure Washer. Ideal for your outdoor cleaning target, Briggs and Stratton highlights a 2100 OHV 420cc Engine and Triplex pump for your heavy-duty cleaning needs.

Probably one of its best offerings, this pressure washer is equipped with a detergent injection system to save you a couple of steps to make your cleaning faster and easier. The 12” never-flat wheels let you easily maneuver, providing a more efficient cleaning solution.

A man cleaning his vehicle using an electric pressure washer

A man cleaning his vehicle using an electric pressure washer

5. Sam's Club

Sams Club

Sam’s Club has a proven record of accomplishment for their wholesale transactions, which later turned them into one of the most sought-after online retailers. Their crowd-pleasing PowerStroke PS80947 Gas Pressure Washer is Sam’s bet in this pressure washer war.

The PowerStroke PS80947 is designed at 2700 psi and banks on their commercial grade 189cc OHC Subaru EA engine. You will surely become a pro at cleaning with this pressure washer’s pro-style angled and soap spray nozzles. A 25-foot non-marring high-pressure hose assures mobility while ditching that dirt. Powerstroke offers versatility and reliable performance with its 3-pistol corrosion-free aluminum pump.

6. Argos

Via: Argos.co.uk

Argos easily landed the sixth spot because of their reliable and fast shipping procedure. Argos guarantees your satisfaction with their Karcher K2 Plus Electric Pressure Washer.

At 1600Psi, 1.25 gpm capacity, this pressure washer lives by the Karcher Promise: Cleaner and Quicker. Built with great regards to ergonomics, the tall handle will keep you from bending and strain brought by frequent cleaning. The package includes two unique spray wands. The Vario spray wand allows you to quickly adjust between high and low pressure without switching nozzles while the Dirtblaster spray wand practically blasts every dirt that comes its way.

Make sure to control the pressure when cleaning your car with a pressure washer

Make sure to control the pressure when cleaning your car with a pressure washer

7. Sears


At seventh, Sears will give you fail proof options for your home improvement needs. AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer is first on their list of dependable pressure washers.

AR Blue Clean AR383SS promises to provide brilliant cleaning results. Powerfully manufactured by Annovi Reverberi, this pressure washer offers 1900-psi capacity, professional-style pressure water gun, pressure water wand, 30-foot high-pressure hose, 28 oz. detergent tank, and four different quick-change nozzles.

Achieve your home’s fresh, clean look with this highly rated pressure washer. AR Blue Clean pledge to provide a reliable, durable, and powerful cleaning solution to your every need.

8. Woodies

Via: Woodies.ie

Woodies is an Irish-owned DIY Home improvement shop that is starting to dominate the online market. Leading Woodie’s top pressure washers is Bosch AQT 33-11 High-Pressure Washer. Bosch has been a leading industry name, and with its 110Bar, 1300W built, it has again proven its worth in the pressure washer engineering.

Bosch AQT 33-11 being compact gives you ease in storage and mobility. This user- friendly pressure washer has quick-connect SDS fittings, innovative hose storage, integrated accessory storage, and in-use gun rest to ensure safety and convenience. Equipped with an auto-stop system and self-priming function, Bosch answers your energy-saving and safety requirements concerns.

Pressure washers are efficient in cleaning outdoor floor

Pressure washers are efficient in cleaning outdoor floor

9. K-Mart


Popular for their year-round promos and sales, Kmart snitches the ninth spot with their Karcher G 2700 Gas Power Pressure Washer, Performance Series. The Karcher brand is known for exceptionally durable and highly reliable pressure washers.

Quality performance is to be expected from the 196cc engine and axial cam pump with an aluminum head. Quick connect nozzles will save you a substantial amount of time as you remove those mud and dust.

The Karcher G 2700 is built to withstand frequent heavy-duty use while delivering top cleaning results. There is no way you will not enjoy cleaning with this pressure washer’s effective spray pattern.

10. Ideal Pressure Washer

Via: IdealPressureWasher.com

Last but definitely not the least is the Ideal Pressure Washer. Specializing in pressure washers, Ideal Pressure Washer picks Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe Electric Pressure Washer as the best bet. Built by one of the pressure washer industry’s most trusted names, the Sun Joe SPX3000 is never short of performance and practicality.

Generic to the Sun Joe brand is the Total Stop System, which provides energy saving opportunities, ensures safety, and prolongs pump life. Another key feature is the dual detergent tanks where two 0.9L is onboard to carry and store different detergents simultaneously.

Sun Joe’s 2030 psi at 1.76 gpm capacity ensures maximum cleaning power as you blast off that persistent dirt.

A pressure washer used in cleaning  the wheels of military truck

A pressure washer used in cleaning the wheels of military truck

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this content has helped you pick out the best pressure washer for your cleaning needs. For more helpful information on pressure washers just check out the links attached to this article, and it will give you some more useful information I may have left out

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