The Best AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer

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Cleaning up around your home requires several different types of tools unless you have a pressure washer. Pressure washers can help you clean anything and everything, including your driveway, your vehicle, the siding on your house, and even your RV. But what is the best AR Blue Clean pressure washer? That’s something you’ll want to know, and you will by the end of this article.

AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer
AR Blue Clean

The Best AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean AR2N1 Electric Pressure Washer

With this pressure washer, you’re actually getting a cart that makes it easy to maneuver around. Not only that, but it has storage directly on the unit to hold the nozzles, so they’re out of the way. You’ll get four nozzles total, and the whole unit has 2050 PSI, which gives you plenty of power. Able to clean everything from pavement and cement to outdoor furniture and vehicles, this pressure washer runs more quietly than other systems.

The fact that this is an electric unit means that it doesn’t have quite as much power as gas-powered versions, but it’s still great for most purposes. You’ll get a two-year warranty that says it’s going to keep working for a long time.

AR Blue Clean AR112S-X Pressure Washer

Here you’re going to get a slightly smaller unit than some, but you’re going to have enough power to take care of many different surfaces. It has wheels to make it easier to maneuver and an onboard cord reel and clip for the handle. This electric pressure washer holds everything right onboard, including the spray nozzle, the spray bottle, and more. You get an adjustable temperature option that goes up to 122 degrees.

The hose is 20 feet long, which means you can reach just about anything in and around your home. As a small unit, it takes up less space when you’re not using it and is lightweight for you to carry along with you.

AR Blue Clean AR383S-X Pressure Washer

If you’re looking for a moderately sized unit that will help you clean even extremely dirty items around your home, this pressure washer will help. This electric unit has a 35-foot power cord with GFCI. It also has a 20-foot hose to make sure you can reach anything. A hose reel makes it easy to keep everything stored away when you’re not using the unit.

Lightweight and easy to carry or roll, this unit comes with a one-year limited warranty. It also has multiple nozzles so you can clean more surfaces. It also has built-in detergent tanks and filters. Add in the temperature control up to 122 degrees, and you have plenty of freedom to get the ideal setup.

AR Annovi Reverberi AR2N1

Here you’re going to have a moderately sized unit that actually comes in a set of 5. This will provide you with plenty of these washers to use for commercial purposes, especially. The unit has wheels on the back with a tall handle to make it easy to lean back and wheel wherever you want. If you want to keep it even smaller and lighter, you can remove the cart entirely and just move the unit.

The handle stores easily on the side, so it’s always convenient to grab, and the power cord wraps around the hook at the top of the unit. All you have to do is choose the proper settings for your spray nozzle and surface.

AR Annovi Reverberi AR2N1

If you want to set up a business doing power washing, you absolutely need multiple power washers. This set actually comes with four washers that have high-quality features. You’ll get a cart that can be disconnected from the rest of the unit if you want to keep it lighter and easier to move. The cart has a high handle, which means you don’t need to bend over to pull it around.

You’ll have a hook for the spray gun, and there’s a hose reel on top of the unit. This electric pressure washer has a good balance of power without being too expensive. Not only that, but it uses a moderate amount of water per minute.

AR Blue Clean Take-Along Electric Pressure Washer

This pressure washer might not be as powerful as some, at 1,900 PSI, but it still gives you plenty when it comes to cleaning the things you need. It uses 1.3 gallons of water per minute, which is a moderate amount compared to most other pressure washers. The onboard detergent tank also makes sure that you have plenty of soap available for more intense cleaning needs. That means anything from cement to even vehicles and siding.

There’s a two-year warranty included with this unit, which ensures it’s durable. It has four wheels that make it easy to wheel around wherever you want with the handle on the top. It has a 26-foot hose and a 35-foot cord to make it easy to use wherever you want.

AR Blue Clean 1500 PSI Electric Power Washer

This electric power washer is an upright unit that’s easy to roll around and offers 1500 PSI for just the right balance of power. This makes it not too overpowering for home use and keeps it an inexpensive unit. You’ll also get two different lances included, with quick connectors to clean different surfaces. The 20-foot hose wraps right onto the unit, as does the power cord so that you can keep everything together.

You’ll use less water per minute than most other units, and it gives 28 times more power than a standard hose. This system is also cleaner and quieter than most other units and especially gas-powered units.


The truth is that the best AR Blue Clean pressure washer is whichever one fits your needs. Each of these electric pressure washers offers slightly different amounts of power and keeps the whole process cleaner and quieter than with a gas unit. You’ll end up with a better quality experience for the environment this way as well.

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