9 Best Gas Pressure Washer 2024 Reviews

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Dirty driveways and oil spills that are tough to get out are part of every homeowner’s daily life. There are two ways you can deal with dirt and grime on your surfaces; the hard way and the easy way. Since you are looking to buy the best gas pressure washer, it means that you already know of the easy way. 

Gas Pressure Washer

Nothing beats a powerful gas pressure washer to heavy-duty cleaning of dirty exterior surfaces. We will help you get the right gas pressure washer that will meet your specific cleaning standards. We have narrowed down our choices for the best gas pressure washers to 9 so that you don’t have to ask what’s the best gas pressure washer to buy. We have broken down our selection to explain the major features of each and every model so that you can pick a model that meets your requirements.

Best Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Cleaning MegaShot MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer

When it comes to high-performance cleaning on a large scale, Simpson Cleaning Gas Pressure Washer MSH3125-S is the best option. It is a well-built gas powered pressure washer that is powered by Honda to deliver 3200PSI

What sets it apart from most pressure washers is the axial cam pump that is designed to make it maintenance-free. It is fitted with a kink-resistant hose. It has the highest number of nozzles; 5. It features a pump head that is made of brass for durability. It is also very simple to use since it comes pre-assembled. 

Its metallic tube frame is coated with matte powder to make it resistant to rust and corrosion. The tube frames are sturdy to handle heavy use.


  • It comes with additional equipment.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Made of brass instead of cheap plastic hence durable.
  • It has 4 10-inch wheels to make it easy to move around.
  • Powerful and effective for domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning.
  • The engine is easy to start.
  • Streamlined power transition from the engine to the pump increases efficiency.
  • Good value for the money.


  • It lacks a separate detergent tank.
  • It does not come with a warranty.

WEN PW28 GPM Gas Pressure Washer 2800PSI

If you are on a budget, you can still get the best pressure washer that is powerful enough to give you better cleaning results. With a pressure of 2800PSI, the WEN PW28 is more than capable of handling tough cleaning jobs. It is also the perfect washer to clean house.  It comes with a 30-foot hose that is kink-resistant and is reinforced. 

In terms of portability, the WEN PW28 is fitted with 12-inch so that you can smoothly move it even on rough terrains. The wheels are coated with rubber to make them slip-proof and give them a good grip on wet surfaces. 

The WEN PW28 is fitted with an axial cam pump that has a capacity of handling 2.5 gallons per minute. It is also attached with quick-change nozzles that allow you to switch between various modes to perform different tasks with a lot of ease. 


  • Fitted with 5 nozzles that are interchangeable.
  • Well-constructed and easy to assemble.
  • The big wheels make it a breeze to move it around. 
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Its cordless design makes it easy to use.
  • It can be pushed or pulled on any terrain.
  • 30-foot hose gives you an extended range.
  • Easy to store due to its collapsible handle.


  • Lacks an electric start.
  • It is not carb compliant.
  • Requires rigorous clean up after each use.

SIMPSON PS3228 Cleaning PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer

The Simpson PowerShot Pressure Washer is powerful enough to clean virtually any stain. It features a triplex plunger pump that makes it easy to clean virtually any type of surface. What sets it apart from other gas pressure washer is its PowerBoost technology that is exclusive to its brand. As a result, you will get higher pressure at its nozzle. This reduces the amount of fuel the washer uses.

Other desirable features include its kink and loop resistant 25-foot kink-resistant that ensures that you don’t leave any marks on your walls or deck. Its sturdy frame is made of welded steel for added strength. Its throttle adjustments allow you to work with lower pressure when cleaning sensitive areas. It’s 5 quick connect nozzle makes this pressure washer more customizable to use.


  • Powered with a 4-stroke engine that delivers enough power for washing.
  • Its engine is reliable and fuel-efficient.
  • The engine is fitted with a low oil notification system that shuts it down when it runs out of oil.
  • Has 10-inch pneumatic wheels makes it very portable on all kinds of surfaces,
  • Durable hose since it is abrasion-resistant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.


  • It requires a bit of work to get it going the first time.
  • It cannot be used with hot water.
  • The muffler gets hot after extended use.


This 3000PSI gas-powered pressure washer from Craftsman is a very versatile and efficient pressure washer. It can clean several types of surfaces. It can handle various cleaning chores from superficial cleaning to light cleaning to deep cleaning. 

It is powered by a Honda engine that gives it unprecedented reliability. Its two large wheels allow you to move it on any kind of surface. It has a fold-down handle that makes it easy to store it. The best thing about buying this pressure washer from Craftsman is that you can easily get its replacement parts in case it breaks down. The Craftsman pressure washer comes with a 25-foot hose that allows you to clean a wide area. 


  • It is made in the USA.
  • It’s easy to start and maintain.
  • It’s a bit quieter as compared to other pressure washers.
  • Delivers high-pressure output.
  • It has a soap system with a capacity of 32 ounces.
  • 10-inch wheels for easy maneuverability over any terrain.
  • Smart design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Best for cars.
  • Available for under $400.


  • Takes about 5 minutes before the pressure can build up.
  • The hose lacks flexibility.

Generac SpeedWash 3200 PSI 7122 Gas Powered Washer

The Generac SpeedWash 7122 has the reliability and power that you can expect to get from a gas-powered pressure washer. From the moment you unwrap it, you will notice the design features that make it one of the best gas-powered pressure washers. 

It comes with interchangeable nozzle tips to give you a customized cleaning and a higher level of control. For additional versatility, the pressure washer also comes with extra attachments like a power broom head. Setting it up is a breeze. All you need to do is slide and lock its handle in place. Next, attach the hose and the spray gun. Your well-balanced Generac tube-steel frame is now ready to roll.


  • Its spray gun has an ergonomic design for a better grip in your hands.
  • 30-foot hose for a long-range.
  • It comes with extra attachments.
  • You can adjust the pressure between four different tasks.
  • Driveway attachment works excellently.
  • Its braided hose is resistant to kink.


  • Some of its parts are made of plastic hence flimsy.
  • The wheels get easily damaged.

A-ipower 7HP High-Pressure Washer

This A-iPower pressure washer with a pressure capacity of 2700PSI is capable of handling all manner of cleaning jobs, including the toughest ones. It is powered by a 7HP gasoline engine. The engine feeds into a cam pump to deliver the power efficiently. 

It features a metallic frame for durability and compactness. Its never-flat wheels ensure that you can move it over any terrain with a lot of ease. With a 25-foot kink-resistant high-pressure hose, using the A-iPower pressure washer gives you a lot of flexibility. To ensure that you can operate it effortlessly and efficiently, it is fitted with quick-connect nozzles and spray wands that are designed with ergonomic grip.

The quick-connect nozzles are 3 in number to give you three different cleaning modes. If you want to blast tough stains and mud, you can use the 0◦ nozzles. For general cleaning jobs, 25◦ nozzles are used. It can also be used for decks cleaning. The soap nozzle is for other extra dirty cleaning jobs. 


  • Combines GPM and PSI for quick and efficient cleaning.
  • Easy to install.
  • Quality build and good power.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Compact frame.
  • Engines have cast iron sleeves for extended life.
  • The engine is protected from potential damage thanks to its low oil shutdown.
  • Reasonably priced since it costs under $300.


  • It’s quite heavy when you want to move it up and down the stairs.
  • Oil may spill from the engine after some time.

SIMPSON Cleaning MegaShot MS60763 Gas Pressure Washer

The MegaShot MS60763 Gas Pressure Washer is designed to make your work more convenient, simple and comfortable. It features a premium engine that is capable of delivering 3100PSI at 2.4 GPM. Besides heavy cleaning tasks, you can use it to clean your cars, driveways, garage, walls and many more. Its 25-foot abrasion-resistant hose ensures that it stays functional for as long as possible. 

This unit is designed to be maintenance-free to make it easy to use. The spray gun is fitted with a safety lock to prevent it from accidentally going off. Since its water output is a very high pressure, it can cause serious damage if sprayed directly on someone’s skin. 


  • Features sturdy steel form for durability.
  • Powerful engine for a high-pressure output.
  • Non-marking and anti-kink resistant hose.
  • It comes with 5 different nozzles so you can achieve spraying patterns.
  • Its trigger pulling mechanism is effortless.
  • Lightweight and compact enough.
  • Performs optimally even in the harshest environment.


  • Some of its parts are built using low quality plastic.
  • The unit may turn off after sometimes hence may require you to start it again. 

CRAFTSMAN CMXGWAS021021 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Fitted with a reliable Briggs and Stratton powerful engine, the Craftsman CMXGWAS021021 will give you the required power to tackle your daily cleaning tasks. It’s designed with a ReadyStart System that allows you to easily start the engine within just two pulls. The Craftsman CMXGWASO21021 comes with 4 connect spray tips so that you can adjust your spray pattern to suit the cleaning task at hand. 


  • The 25-foot anti-kink hose is flexible hence easier to store.
  • It can be maneuvered across any terrain thanks to its 10-inch wheels.
  • Its powerful engine ensures that it delivers great pressure.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can handle heavy-duty cleaning.
  • Easy to start.
  • Nice ergonomics on the spray head.


  • It does not have a bottle for soap.
  • The wand extension may break.

Dessen 212CC Gas Pressure Washer 

To get the nastiest dirt out of any surface, be it your car or driveway, you need power, and that is what Dessen 212CC Gas Pressure Washer provides. With a 7.0 HP engine, this unit is capable of delivering up to 3600PSI pressure. Whether you want to buy it for home use, industrial cleaning or commercial cleaning, the Dessen pressure washer will be up to the task.

You can perform various cleaning tasks with it thanks to its 5-quick connect nozzles. To make it easy for you to move it around, the Dessen gas pressure washer is fitted with 2 heavy-duty 10-inch pneumatic wheels. The wheels can even handle tough terrains. It has a 7.5m long hose that is flexible for ease of storage. The hose allows you to cover a large area when cleaning.


  • Fitted with a detergent where you can add your cleaning chemicals.
  • Its stable frame makes it durable.
  • Ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces.
  • A powerful engine delivers maximum pressure for getting the job done quickly and perfectly.
  • Since it employs a gas unit, it does not require any power supply.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • It does not make a lot of noise.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It gets out of stock frequently.
  • It does not have a warranty.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gas Pressure Washer

Strength of Water Pressure

What determines how powerful your unit will be is the water pressure output it delivers. If you want a gas pressure washers that is able to clean any ind of dirt and stains from your decks, driveways and cars, then you need one with a high pressure strength. For commercial cleaning, you need a gas pressure washer with at least 3000PSI. For domestic cleaning, 2500PSI or more would do. For heavy duty industrial cleaning, you need 3500PSI.


The price of a gas pressure should also determine whether you buy it or not. You want a good pressure washers that balances between price and functionality. You don’t want to overpay for your washer or buy one that is very cheap and of high quality. You should therefore go for a gas pressure washer that is reasonably priced so as to give you good value for your money.


Before you pay for a gas pressure washer, you should first find out how portable it is. How easy will it be for you to wheel it around and even store it? You don’t want to end up frustrated when you buy your washer only to realize that moving from one place to another is a pain. Loo for a washer with wheels. The wheels should be at least 10-inch so that you can roll it around with ease on any terrain. When shopping for a washer, try it out by wheeling it around the store.


Since gas pressure washers are machines, they are bound to break down or develop some problems, especially with the pumps and the engines. To protect yourself from spending extra money to fix your unit, you can buy units from manufacturers that offer warranty. You should also ensure that the pressure washer unit you are purchasing has a warranty that covers the pump and the engine.


Where you will use your pressure washer should also determine the choice of pressure washer unit you go for. Is the terrain rough? How assesible is it? Some gas pressure washers cannot handle rough terrains since they are built low. Others have large wheels that ensures their bottoms are raised high. Some also have welded frames that protect their pumps and engines.


  • How Do You Use a Gas Powered Pressure Washer?

Gas pressure washers are preliminarily meant to be used for outdoor cleaning. Before you start using one, you first have to make preliminary adjustments. You can do this by reading the preliminary adjustments that come with your machine so that you can familiarize yourself with your machine. 

You should then check the pressure and water flow that you require for the task before you can adjust the nozzle angle. The next step is to tighten all your connections and then set your detergent injector before you can start the cleaning process.

  • How to Winterize a Gas Powered Pressure Washer?

During the cold season, you should properly store your pressure washer so that its internal seals are protected. To winterize your gas-powered pressure washer, ensure that you remove any water and detergent from the pump system. You will then need to add a fuel stabilizer to your washer gas tank. 

Once you have added the fuel stabilizer, run your pressure washer’s engine for about 2 minutes so that you can get the stabilizer circulating through your pressure washer’s system. If you believe the temperature may drop to near freezing, you can add an anti-freeze pump saver to the washer.

  • How Do You Start a Gas Powered Pressure Washer?

Before you can start your gas-powered pressure washer, make sure that it is on a flat surface. Connect your garden hose to the washer. The other end of your hose should be connected to a water supply. You should then connect the male end of your washer’s spray into the outlet. Next, select the pressure nozzle that is best suited to the cleaning task you want to perform. 

After you have ensured everything is set, move the choke and the throttle to the left and then switch the engine to “ON”. Firmly hold the gun assembly in your hands and while pointing it in a safe direction, release the pressure by squeezing the trigger. You can then pull the recoil before closing the choke. Your gas pressure washer is now ready to get to work.

  • What Gas to Use for Pressure Washer?

Gas-powered pressure washers use unleaded gasoline to power them up. The gas should be fresh and clean and should not contain less than 87 octanes. 

  • How Much Do Power Washers Cost?

The cost of any pressure washer varies depending on its pressure capacity, model, size and other additional features. The most expensive ones can go up to over $600. Affordable ones can go for under $500. However, the average cost of power washers is about $300.


Having the best gas pressure washer can save you a lot of hours of cleaning. As a result, it will make your life easier. We have made it easy for you to get the best washer by reviewing for you 9 of the best pressure washers on the market. You can choose a product that you think will meet your cleaning needs and also fall within your budget. 

However, for us, we would recommend the SIMPSON Cleaning MegaShot MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer. It has one of the highest pressure capacities of 3200PSI that makes it suitable for all sorts of cleaning including heavy-duty cleaning tasks. It is very easy to start, is durable and is lightweight.

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