The Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

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Keeping various surfaces within your residence clean and looking at their best might be a challenging task if you don’t have a proper tool. But with a pressure washer, you will effectively clean surfaces such as windows, cars, boats, SUVs, patios, and concrete with less effort and water.

You can easily source for these washers from the market but you should settle on nothing less but the best pressure washer surface cleaner. This will save you both money and effort in the long run.

My Top Pick

For instance, the Mrliance 3500PSI Pressure Washer will make your cleaning work easier, has a removable detergent tank, comes with two years warranty and  also has a total stop system.

You can easily get overwhelmed while trying to choose the best pressure washer. However, it is much easier to select the best water pressure you want if you have all the basic information you need. That’s why we have outlined for you in this review the 10 best pressure washer surface cleaner 2020 with their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. Besides, we have also given you the buying guide for pressure washers to help you make a great selection.

What Is The Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

1. Sun Joe Electric SPX3000 Pressure Washer 2030

The first pressure washer that you can buy is this Sun Joe electric pressure washer that can perform various cleaning tasks in trucks, homes and buildings among others. This pressure washer can generate water pressure of up to 2030 PSI. The best thing about this product is that it has a dual detergent tank. 

That means you can store two detergents at the same time and you can easily switch between the detergents. Besides, it has five different spray nozzles and a total stop system that automatically shuts the pump. The fact that it can also handle almost all types of cleaning jobs is such a big advantage that this pressure washer surface cleaner has to offer.


  • This water pressure is very powerful.
  • Can tackle different cleaning tasks.
  • Has TSS which shuts down the pump automatically. 
  • It has maximum internal pressure of 2030 PSI.
  • Two years of warranty.


  • The power washer is cheaply made.

2. Myatt Interchange Electric Pressure Washer

The second product that will ensure your cleaning is made as easy as possible is the Myatt Electric Washer. This pressure washer is of high pressure of up to 3500 PSI, and 2.0 gallons. It has four different types of nozzles, with different pressure levels and can be replaced easily. They are also quite easy to connect very quickly. 

Besides, this product has a detergent tank for all the cleaning jobs. It has an automatic off and on switch that switches it off when the trigger is not in use to prolong life and save energy. The process of assembling it is also as easy as you had already guessed. However, some people complain that its handle tends to be quite short. Others also complain the instructions on the manual tend not to be quite clear hence making it hard to understand how it operates.


  • Has four different nozzles that can clean different surfaces and are very easy to connect.
  • Comes with a detergent nozzle for all the cleaning jobs.
  • Has automatic off and on switch to prolong life and safe energy.
  • It is a high-pressure washer surface cleaner.
  • The pressure washer is multi-application; can do both tough and easy cleaning jobs.
  • It is very easy to assemble.


  • The handle is too short.
  • The instruction for set up are not clear.

3. Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer 

Do you want a pressure washer surface cleaner that will make your cleaning work efficiently and quickly? Well then Greenworks 1500 PSI pressure washer will be the perfect choice for you whether you want a pressure washer with a greater performance or something economical. It has a high pressure level of 1500 PSI and a water flow rate of 1.2 gallons. These features will make it penetrate through surfaces and blast through dirt and grim easily.

What’s more, this product comes with two different quick connect tips to make your connection job quite simple. The other good feature of this product is that you can comfortably use it either vertically or horizontally without worrying about a thing. It also comes equipped with a soap applicator so that it can clean almost all types of surfaces available.


  • Very stable since it can be used horizontally or vertically. 
  • Has two different quick connect tips.
  • High pressure and power hence make cleaning surfaces effectively.
  • High pressure hose for greater reach.
  • Comes with a soap applicator to completely clean all the surfaces.


  • It is not very durable.
  • Poor customer service.

4. Myatt Efficient 2000 PSI Pressure Washer

Another best pressure washer surface cleaner in the market today is the Myatt 2000 PSI pressure washer. Equipped with a powerful electric motor, it can generate power up to 2000 PSI and high pressure that ensures medium and light cleaning jobs are carried out to perfection. Besides, it is very light in weight and has different nozzles that are interchangeable and can be used for various cleaning applications. 

For easier connection, it has a garden hose quick connector. When this engine is not in use, there is an automatic On and Off switch that will turn it off so that there is wastage of energy taking place. Lastly it has an external detergent dispenser and total stop system. However, the durability of this pressure washer surface cleaner is somehow questionable.


  • Two quick connect spray tips.
  • Separated detergent tank to apply detergent and completely clean all the surfaces.
  • It has the total stop system that turns the machine off and on automatically when not in use.
  • Provides high pressure that is ideal for cleaning.


  • The handle is not made of aluminium.
  • It is not very durable.

5. Karcher Pressure Washer 3200 PSI Rating

Karcher Pressure washer 3200 PSI rating will perfectly work with your gas pressure washer and make your professional cleaning easy and faster by using the two spinning nozzles that clean up to 15 feet wide hence reduces your time for cleaning and helps in removing streaks by the nozzles. The best part of this pressure washer is that it is very compatible with a gas power washer with a PSI rating of 3200.

What’s more, it also has a quick connect fitting of a quarter inches. This product can easily be used in eliminating streaks when the nozzles are maintained at a fixed height. It is also compatible with even gas washers. It also has a splash free skirt that will help you stay dry while doing the cleaning operations.


  • It delivers professional level cleaning with its two spray nozzles.
  • Cleans flat surfaces faster compared to the normal spray nozzles.
  • Compatible with a gas washer.
  • It can be used to clean large surfaces and vertical surfaces such as garage doors.
  • It has a splash free skirt to help you stay dry while you clean.
  • Can be used to eliminate the streaks by maintaining the nozzles at a fixed height.


  • The pressure washer arm does not swing to 360 degrees.
  • Does not have a warranty.

6. WATTY 3500 PSI Electric Pressure 

Here is yet another worthy Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner that you can think of purchasing. You can also spend your hard-earned income on this Watty 3500 PSI electric pressure washer because of several reasons. It is very popular for dirt, grime, gunk removal among others from different surfaces such as animal cages and pavements. 

Besides, the quick connect spray nozzles interchange from high pressure to low pressure and has a ready use external detergent dispenser. Other important features of this pressure washer is that it has a TSS that shuts the pump off automatically when the trigger is not in use. However, the durability of this product is somehow questionable. It also comes with no spray wand that is something that most people don’t like at all.


  • Has a total stop system that shuts off the pump automatically.
  • Very powerful and have high pressure of up to 3500GPM.
  • Has separate detergent tank.
  • The four quick connect sprays enable you to wash different surfaces.


  • It is not very durable.
  • Does not connect to the spray wand.

7. Mrliance 3500PSI Pressure Washer 2

Mrliance 3500 PSI pressure washer is also one of the best products in the market today. Its features include a high pressure rating of 3500 PSI and a water flow rate of 2.0 GPM hence the pressure washer can clean terraces and drive ways easily and quickly. 

It has a removable detergent tank and four adjustable nozzle spray tips hence you will finish your cleaning jobs in just a few minutes. Its hose is long enough for all your cleaning needs including high surfaces. However, this product is somehow relatively expensive.


  • It is a high-pressure washer surface cleaner hence faster cleaning.
  • Has four adjustable pressure nozzles.
  • The detergent tank is removable.
  • High pressure washer hose reel.
  • The total stop system to stop the system automatically hence saves energy.
  • Two years warranty.


  • Relatively expensive.

8. Powerhouse International Pressure Washer 

Another pressure washer surface cleaner that will make your cleaning process enjoyable is this Powerhouse International pressure washer. This pressure washer has five quick connect spray tips that are ideal for gutter cleaning and car washing among others. 

Besides, this washer has two universal spray guns. That is one with five tips and the other is proprietary hence it will fit almost all other attachments. The best part about it is that its hose is very flexible hence you will have easy time while cleaning.


  • It is very powerful.
  • Has a flexible hose.
  • Comes with all its accessories.
  • It has two universal spray guns.
  • It has 5 different connect spray tips.


  • Not very durable.
  • The hose does not tighten well.

9. HomdoxPSI Electric Pressure Washer

The second last pressure washer surface cleaner that you can consider buying is this HomdoxPSI electric pressure washer. This high-pressure washer has axle mounted wheels that allow for ease of mobility. Besides, it has two years warranty hence will give you great peace of mind just knowing that everything will be taken care of should something bad happen. 

Another great feature of this pressure washer is that it has four interchangeable nozzles hence making your cleaning tasks easy and can clean different surfaces. Besides, the total system will automatically switch the pump on or off. However, this pressure washer surface cleaner is not quite reliable and can therefore sometimes let you down.


  • It has total stop system that automatically switches the pump on and off.
  • It is very powerful pressure washer.
  • It is a high-pressure surface cleaner.
  • Comes with two years warranty.
  • Has four interchangeable nozzles and very easy to store.


  • Suitable for light cleaning only.
  • Not very reliable.

10. WATTY Pressure Washer

Last but not least, WATTY pressure washer is equipped with 5 different interchangeable nozzles and four different spray tips that ensure the machine can handle medium and heavy tasks. Besides, this product comes with a two-year warranty hence you will have a great peace of mind when using it. Moreover, the pressure cleaner has total stop system that automatically shuts the pump when not in use hence saving energy and making it long lasting


  • Has four quick connect spray tips to wash various surfaces.
  • High powered pressure washer of 3800 PSI at 2.60 GPM.
  • Has total stop system that automatically switches off the pump when not in use.
  • The pressure hose is long enough.
  • Comes with two years warranty.
  • Can be used to clean almost all the surfaces.


  • The pressure provided is not sufficient to handle various cleaning jobs.

Factors to consider when choosing Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

There are several factors to consider before buying a pressure washer cleaner that will make your cleaning process quicker and easier.  We have outlined the most important ones.

Size of the pressure washer surface cleaner

The first and the most important factor that you should keep in mind before buying any pressure washer surface cleaner is its size. The size of a pressure washer is determined by the surface area that any cleaner covers and is expressed in inches. Large pressure washer surface cleaners use more power. However, it can clean a very wide area with just a single pass and the vice versa. You need to check if your surface cleaner and pressure washer are up to the task especially if you have a big area to clean.

The material of construction

Another key factor that you should always consider before buying a pressure washer surface cleaner is the material it is made of. Most pressure washer cleaners are made of either plastic or steel. The advantage of the plastic pressure washers is that they are cheap and light hence less fatigue while you will be using it. However, it may not have the toughness requires for demanding and difficult jobs.

If you are looking for a pressure washer that can withstand tough, long and demanding jobs then you should go for a steel pressure washer. However, they are heavier and more expensive as compared to the plastic ones. Most people go for plastic pressure washers; the durability of the steel only serves better when a lot of use is anticipated.

Type of the connector 

Yet another important factor that you should consider is the type of the connector the pressure washer has. Most pressure washers have quick connected fittings that are just screwed to the end of the wand instead of a nozzle tip. Some people don’t like to bend over while washing hence they prefer to buy a longer rod for the wand and the vice versa. Ensure you buy a pressure washer with a connector that suits your preference.

Pressure levels

Last but not least, you should also check the size of the pressure washer surface cleaner before buying it. Pressure washers with low pressure levels are very slow and not very efficient compared to the ones with high pressure levels. You should always ensure you compare the specifications on the surface of a pressure washer and compare it with numbers on the pressure washer before you buy it.


What is a surface cleaner?

It is an attachment that you directly connect to the wand of your pressure washer so it sprays water evenly from its bottom, leaving no streaks or stripes on the surface. Surface cleaners have small nozzles on the head of their spinning arm that’s enclosed by a disk for high-pressure cleaning water jets.

Can you damage concrete with a power washer?

Yes, a high-pressure washer can damage concrete if you hold it either too close to the concrete or points it in a particular direction for a long time. The high-pressure jet usually degrades concrete surfaces depending on factors such as the concrete type and lifespan. The idea is to be careful when using a power washer. Don’t aim too close to the concrete or stay for long holding it in a given spot.

What psi do you need to clean concrete?

You can always rely on 3000 PSI of pressure to effectively clean your concrete surfaces. But it would be a good idea to look for a unit (electric pressure washer) with adjustable PSI. That’s because you will need lower PSI to clean other surfaces such as decks or residential house exteriors. Make sure the unit’s pressure peak at 3000 PSI to be on the safer side.

How do I clean my deck without a pressure washer?

It’s very easy. Simply follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Clear the deck of any furniture or plants and other obstacles.
  • Step 2: Prepare a cleaning solution as directed by the manufacturer. You can mix a cleaner that’s based on potassium soap of fatty acid with water.
  • Step 3: Apply the solution with a mop, making sure you wet a 4-by-6-foot area with each application.
  • Step 4: Use a push brush to scrub the wet areas.
  • Step 5: Rinse the deck with a garden hose that has a spray nozzle and wait for it to dry.

Does a pressure washer use more water than a hose?

On average, a garden hose ejects 20 gallons of water per minute while a pressure washer ejects fewer gallons of water every minute depending on the model. Some models eject only 1 gallon per minute while others eject 2 gallons per minute. No pressure washer ejects more than 2.0 GPM so far, meaning you will use less water if you’re cleaning a surface with a pressure washer.

How do I make my own pressure washer detergent?

You can always make your own pressure washer detergent at home. Besides, a pressure washer can be expensive if you have to use your unit frequently. Simply use the following tips to make your own detergent.

Combine 1/3 cup of laundry detergent with 2/3 cup of household cleaner. Mix the two and let them sit overnight. Mix four cups of liquid bleach with a gallon of water and stir the mixture properly but gently the following morning. 

Then add the powder to the mixture and stir gently as well. And just like that, you have your pressure washer detergent.


We hope these 10 best pressure washers surfaces cleaner 2020 reviews have helped you identify the perfect pressure washer surface cleaner that will suit your needs. Always ensure you match a machine with its tools. You will absolutely enjoy cleaning your surfaces and washing away the grime and grease.

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