How to Clean a Power Washer Pump?

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How to Clean a Power Washer Pump

Opting for a pressure washer pump is a sensible decision. It has the potential to clean the dirtiest of surfaces with good amount of pressure. It is designed in a way that you have to effortless clean the surfaces and the time consumption is very little. In such cases, you will understand the brilliance of such a machine only when you opt to use it. While using it, over the course of time, chances of some failures, minor glitches are common and often problems can be erased with just one cleaning session.

Importance of Cleaning

It is vital to go in for time-to-time inspection, and only when you go in for a thorough cleaning session, you will be able to identify the common concerns. When you clean the machine on regular basis, you can avoid any performance related problems, rectify it sooner and also save extensive amount of money on both parts as well as repairs.


The procedure for cleaning is very simple. You need basic cleaning tools that you might have available at your home too. There is a sense of protocol that you need to follow in order to get the best outcome.

Checking Oil

To begin with, the cleaning process, you can start by checking for the level of oil. You should give a proper run through of the engine because it is the most vital part of the machine. Look for levels of oil, check if it is less than the asking quantity or simply go in for a change. The experts recommend regular changes of oil.

Checking the Screens

The inlet screens in most cases shows sign of dirt accumulation as it might be clogged. In such case, you need to either replace the screen, or wash it to clean the dirt. You can use decent pressure water to flush he dirt away.

Hoses and Couplings

You need to inspect the pressure washer pump in a way that it helps you identify the cuts, leaks or any other concern so that you cater to immediately. This is the brilliance of a proper and thorough cleaning session. Make sure you do not operate with maximum amount of pressure, as it might damage the hoses and if you replace them and still continue with high pressure, the problem would still last.

You can opt for detergent injection tube to examine the machine well, look for any tears, leaks or bulging corners. After every cleaning session, make it a habit to test run the pressure washer pump. This helps you confirm if the cleaning has be done appropriately or not.

Things to Remember after Every Use

  • Firstly, before you put the engine out, make sure you run the water through it for at least two minutes. Post this, shut down the washer pump, let it cool down and stop the water supply. This helps curb the overheating of the engine, which if not looked into sooner, it can become a major area of concern.
  • Secondly, you need to relieve the pressure, for this, you need to press the spray gun trigger, hold it for some time, i.e. until the water is completely expelled. Post this, detach and remove the garden hose from the spray gun.
  • Things to Look Into While Cleaning the Pressure Washer Pump
  • To begin with, start working with clearing the clogs from the nozzle and spray gun.
  • Secondly, you should lubricate the hose, wand extension and spray gun in order to keep the functioning going on for long, strong and smoother.
  • If need be, you should also replace the 0-rings, especially in the connection area between the spray gun, high pressure hose and water in-let.
  • Clean out all the debris from all vents, especially the cooling vents
  • Check on the spark arrestor so that you know that post cleaning the machine is going to operate just fine.


Pressure washer pumps are indeed all about convenience and feasibility. The results are going to be tremendous if the operative mechanism is up to the mark. Sometimes, the dirt accumulation and clogging of nozzles can cause problems and make the machine underperform. Therefore, a proper and thorough cleaning session is going to make all the difference.

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