[Updated] How to Clean Your Metal Roof in 4 Easy Steps

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In all honesty, phoning the handyman seems like the best idea when it comes to household fix-ups, but where then is the satisfaction? Knowing your home is handled by the hands that live in it induces more cause for contentment.

One chore we all try to avoid is, of course, the roof. “It is too dangerous” or “I do not know too much about roof cleaning, better get someone more experienced” are mantras we all think we can try to keep, but time comes with mold and mold comes distaste. Then, the handyman starts getting overbooked, and you are left trying to fend for yourself. Who says you need experience anyways? Just get yourself some pressure washer, a garden hose, and some trusty detergent then you will be good to go! No formal session needed. Feeling up to the challenge? Then, here are some pro-tips to cleaning your metal roof without having to call the handyman!

Clean Metal Roof
A squeaky clean and good as new metal roof will surely enhance your house’ aesthetic.

The Basic Essentials in Cleaning a Metal Roof:

  • Safety Equipment

Although some adrenaline junkies may dare to step on a roof sans rope, it would always be best to prioritize your safety. A safety essential would be a harness as it aids stability and may act as a safety net if, in case, one has two slippery left feet. Friction boots are needed to avoid accidental slippage, as well as rubber gloves to keep a firm hold on the hose when rinsing the roof down. When using a pressure washer, make sure to wear goggles as the pressure may be high and may cause a rebound in water projectile.

  • Paint and Other Paraphernalia for Desired Aesthetic

When scoping around the roof to check for any discoloration or corrosion, it would be best to use materials that are not made of metal as it will scrape and tarnish any smooth surfaces. Instead, use a wire brush to rid of the peeling paint thoroughly. If you feel as if using a wire brush would not reap the best results, then using a flat-blade putty is acceptable but keep in mind to use it as gently as possible so as to avoid any unwanted disfigurement onto the roof. If you wish to repaint the roof, then acquiring the desired palette is vital at this point.

  • Cleaning Agents for Unwanted Grime and Mold

It is unavoidable to gain mold and mildew on the roof, and it is imperative to get rid of them as soon as possible to maintain the quality and durability of the roof. Home remedies for mildew cleaning include soap and water solution, chlorine bleach (but it must be noted that bleach may cause discolouring), white vinegar, as well as using tea tree oil.

Any of these alternatives can be used if you do not want to purchase any expensive hardware find. Another alternative is mixing half a cup of tri-sodium phosphate in a gallon of water. A wire brush is also needed to scrub the mold and mildew off the surface.

  • High Power Tools

The most common high power tool in cleaning a metal roof is a pressure washer. If you can overcome using this tool, then you would be good to go; this is by far the only semi-complicated part of the whole cleaning process. A pressure washer is a contraption that spurts out water at high pressures, enough to get to those hard-to-reach places and scraping out grime and mold without the added physical expenditure. Pressure washers are either gas-powered or electrical.

Pressure washer is a powerful equipment recommended for metal roof cleaning.

In a gas-powered washer, pressure is raised up to 3000 pounds per square inch and is used best for removing aging paint, cleaning sidings for paint, and for deep cleaning concrete. An electrical washer connotes lesser pressure, around 1400 pounds per square inch, which is used best for cleaning cars, grills, and garage floors. All there is to do is to fill the washer with oil or gasoline (for gas-powered washers) or to plug it into an outlet (for electrical washers). Connect the garden hose to the washer’s water inlet, attach the spray tip onto the nozzle, then you’re good!

A Brief and Cohesive Step-by-Step Look at Cleaning a Metal Roof

Now that you are seasoned and ready, it is time to gear up and face the sunlight!

  • Put on all the essential safety contraptions. Aside from cleaning the roof, we do not want to be cleaning off your silhouette from the driveway. Boots, gloves, goggles, you name it!
  • Start off by clearing out all the peeling paint from the surface. Scrub gently with a dry wire brush or if needed, a flat-blade putty. Keep in mind to scrub these areas gently to avoid disfigurement and to allow lasting durability of the metal roof. Do this comprehensively in all areas.
  • After clearing off peeled paint, scrub off the mold and mildew by dipping the same wire brush (or a new one, as to your preference) in your cleaning solution and start scrubbing away! Do not forget to clean tight corners using a smaller wire brush or old toothbrush, if necessary.
  • You have now come to the easiest part when it comes to manual labor– using the pressure washer. Amp up the pressure to desired range, position the spray tip at a 45 degree angle about 2 feet away from the surface and start rinsing off. Begin with the topmost portion of the roof so as to bring all the dirt and debris downward. Use to your satisfaction!

As you may have noticed, it does not take a rocket scientist to make your roof look as pleasing as the day it was assembled. Frankly, it just needs your motivation and some trusty cleaning equipment to get the work done. Furthermore, let’s face it, playing with water in higher grounds is still quite fun to do, regardless of age.

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