How to Adjust Pressure on Pressure Washer Pump?

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How to Adjust Pressure on Pressure Washer Pump

A pressure washer pump is all about ease and feasibility provided you opt for the right kind. In addition to this, you should use it in the right manner. The entire purpose of a pressure washer pump is to use the extensive pressure, which of course is in the set limits to clean the surface or any other outside element. If the pressure of the pressure washer pumps dies out, the entire purpose of owning one disappears. Therefore, it is vital to understand the basic mechanism associated with pressure washer pump, understand its pressure techniques to get best results.

What to do when the Pressure is down?

It is quite an obvious thing that when the pressure of the washer pump is down, you need to enhance it by doing the needful. There could be multiple reasons for it, sometimes the valves is a problem or the pipe could be the problem. It is also possible that the nozzle could have some dirt particles interfering with the pipe etc. So, to think of it, there could be multiple reasons, of which one other common cause could be in general poor pressure, which needs a bit of an adjustment.

Understanding the Pressure Technique of the Washer Pump

A pressure washer pump mainly comprises of a motor, nozzle, unloader, pressure washer gun, hose, valves and hose reel. Of course, just like any other motor driven machine, even this one highly depends on the machine. The machine connects to all the other aspects of the pump and provides power supply to give a fantastic outcome. Many a times, the nozzle becomes the area of concern, as it is related to the pressure of the washer and in order to rebuild the pressure, you need to look into the nozzle first.

Why You Need Pressure Adjustment

Pressure levels primarily depend on the condition of the machine. Generally, as stated above, if there is some dirt piled up on the inside of the machine, chances of it causing problems with the pressure are high. So, start with the basic task of cleaning the pressure washer pump and this might just be the perfect means to adjust the pressure of the washer pump.

Once you are done with the cleaning, you should always test it out before going in for the proper cleaning task. You could attempt it onto a small area using jetting water so that the surface is not damaged at the cost of extreme pressure.

How to Adjust the Pressure

Start by working on the motor valve of the washer pump. Usually the adjustment feature comes in the form of knobs, allows better adjustment.

Secondly, you could adjust the nozzle angel, and manage the spray pattern. For this, you need to hold the nozzle from a certain distance so that you get the uniformity and can get a wide angle if required.

Lastly, clean the nozzle and change it if required. Besides this, you should also work with the nozzle holding it at a wider angle, and change the angle if necessary. While doing so, make sure the speed of the engine is also adjusted for better performance.

Is it Feasible to Do It Yourself?

Often people are found in a fix related to working on the pressure washer pump on their own or opting for an expert’s guidance. As far as guidance is concerned, you can and should use all that you get but this should not stop you for getting into the cleaning, adjusting and repairing process. If you are willed to do it, you very well can and there is no rocket science involved in it.


There are some set of required tools that you need to have present in your household to help you through the process. As stated above, you can manage the basic concerns of a pressure washer pump on your own without having to face any major problems.


Pressure washer pump is all about using the pressure to get through the cleaning process and fulfilling the purpose behind its usage. If the pressure is not working up to the mark, you could adjust it accordingly for better outcome. All you need to do is go through the different concerns, ensuring that you have figured out the real reason and ruled out the other problems.

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